Bribie Island 4wd, Kayak, & Bunker Tour

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This tour starts by driving along the beach to Norfolk Lagoon where we unload kayaks and hit the water for a tour of what the locals call 2nd Lagoon. This area provide fantastic photo ops with friends and iconic Australian wildlife and scenery. After the kayak tour we jump back in the 4WD and head north along the pristine beach to our next destination.

Arriving at the WWII Bunkers (Fort Bribie) you’ll be amazed by the history of these great forts built in the 1940’s. There will be plenty of time to explore and learn the history of these structures, that are slowly descending into the ocean and may one day cease to exist.

After the WWII Bunker Tour we head back South with plenty of time to keep a look out for local dolphins. The tour ends by returning you to your original pickup point.

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Bribie Island 4wd, Kayak, & Bunker Tour

Bribie Island

Bribie is the most northern island in Moreton Bay, Queensland with one third of the island being protected as National Park. Bribie remains a hidden gem, only 45 minutes drive from Brisbane Airport.
Boasting over 30km of pristine beach, it is one of the world’s largest sand islands and is home to over 350 different species of birds and countless other wildlife including kangaroos, Eagles, turtles, dolphins, dugongs, dingos and goannas, just to name a few.

Bribie Island

Bribie Island 4wd, Kayak, & Bunker Tour

Bribie Island Surf Beach

The 4X4 beach entrance is located at 8th Avenue on the Eastern side of Bribie Island, a suburb called Woorim with Kilometres of drivable beach, it boasts beautiful panoramic coastal views all the way from the Port of Brisbane, over to Moreton Island and all the way up to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. It is a popular camping and 4WD destination. With over 55km2 of National park running off the beach

Bribie Island 4wd, Kayak, & Bunker Tour

Norfolk Lagoon

Bribie Island hosts 4 semi-tidal lagoons. Fresh water creek, Norfolk lagoon, Mermaid lagoon & Welsby lagoon. The water in each lagoon appears golden-brown in colour. This is due to the tea-tree plants that populate the area and that have naturally stained the water over time. When these lagoons finally break open, it is quite the sight as these golden-brown waters spill over and rush down to the crystal blue ocean water. This makes quite an exciting 4WD experience when crossing from one side of the break to the other.

Bribie Island, 4x4 toursBribie Island

Bribie Island 4wd, Kayak, & Bunker Tour

WWII Bunkers

There are 11 bunkers located along the northern end of Bribie Island surf beach, dubbed “Fort Bribie”. These fortifications were built between 1939 and 1943 as part of the South East Queensland military defence, during World War II. They were also used to provide artillery training for Australian soldiers. Legend has it there was also an underground hospital constructed around this time that has since been covered over and hidden.

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